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Send Letters & Parcels

Experience swift and reliable mail services with our dedicated letter and parcel solutions. From prompt deliveries to secure handling, trust us for seamless shipping and communication. Your satisfaction, our priority.


Discover seamless travel experiences with our London-based agency. We offer air tickets, tailor-made holiday packages, and exclusive Hajj and Umrah services. Trust us to make your journey memorable and stress-free.


Unlock your digital potential with our London agency's budget-friendly website solutions. We specialize in design and development, ensuring a compelling online presence tailored to your needs. Elevate your brand today!


Your One Stop Solution Like Sending Letters & Parcels, PO Box, Virtual office address, Air Ticket, Holiday packages Parcel Drop off & pickup Services, Every Day Banking, Print & Design, International Money Transfer, Cargo Service, Pay Bills, Mobile Cards & Sim Top ups, Packaging & Stationery, Professional paper shredding Service, Product Storage Services, Scanning & Archiving Services and many more.

Print And Design
Print And Design
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Po Box Service



Olivia Kevinson

"Post Shop Plus has been my go-to for all my mailing, travel, and web needs for years. They're always friendly, helpful, and get the job done right. From shipping packages overseas to booking dream vacations, they've never let me down. Highly recommend!"

Olivia Kevinson Founder
Mitchell Harris

"As a travel agent, I rely on Post Shop Plus to provide exceptional travel experiences for my clients. Their expertise in finding the best deals and tailoring itineraries to individual needs is unmatched. I recently collaborated with them on arranging a European adventure for a family of five, and they seamlessly accommodated every request, ensuring an unforgettable journey. Post Shop Plus is my trusted partner in crafting dream vacations."

Mitchell Harris Financer
Julia Cloe

"Post Shop Plus, a symphony of services, harmoniously orchestrating mail delivery, travel escapades, and web artistry. As a small business owner, I entrust them with my digital storefront, their creative touch weaving magic into every pixel. Their passion for web design and hosting fuels my business growth, attracting new clientele and propelling sales to new heights. Post Shop Plus, a maestro of digital solutions, empowering businesses to flourish in the boundless realm of the internet."

Julia Cloe Sales Manager

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Who owns Royal Mail?

The Privatization of Royal Mail: Who Owns It Now?

In the ever-evolving landscape of postal services, the ownership of Royal Mail, the UK’s historic mail delivery service, has undergone significant transformations. Once a stalwart of government ownership, Royal Mail has since transitioned into private hands, sparking debates and discussions about its direction and accountability. So, who exactly owns Royal Mail now?

From Public Institution to Privatized Entity:

Historically, Royal Mail was a government-owned entity, providing mail delivery services across the United Kingdom. However, in 2013, the British government initiated the privatization of Royal Mail through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This move marked a significant shift in the ownership structure of one of Britain’s oldest institutions.

Shareholder Ownership:

Following the IPO, Royal Mail became a publicly traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange. This means that ownership of Royal Mail is dispersed among various shareholders, including institutional investors, individual investors, and employees who were given shares as part of the privatization process.

Key Shareholders:

While the ownership of Royal Mail is diffuse, some key shareholders hold significant stakes in the company. These include institutional investors such as investment funds, pension funds, and asset management firms. Additionally, individual investors who purchased shares during the IPO also own a portion of the company.

Employee Ownership:

One notable aspect of Royal Mail’s privatization was the allocation of shares to its employees. Through the Employee Free Shares scheme, eligible employees were given shares in the company, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement among the workforce. This employee ownership model is aimed at aligning the interests of employees with those of shareholders and promoting a culture of accountability and performance.


In conclusion, Royal Mail, once wholly owned by the government, is now owned by a combination of institutional investors, individual investors, and employees. The privatization of Royal Mail represented a significant shift in its ownership structure, introducing market dynamics and shareholder accountability into its operations. While this move has brought changes and challenges, it has also opened up opportunities for growth and innovation in the postal services sector. As Royal Mail continues its journey as a publicly traded company, the dynamics of its ownership will continue to shape its future trajectory in the competitive landscape of mail delivery services.

Post Office
How long will Post Office hold package?

How Long Will the Post Office Hold Your Package?

In our fast-paced world, online shopping has become a cornerstone of convenience for many. However, despite the ease of ordering goods from the comfort of our homes, there are times when packages can’t be delivered directly to us. This can lead to questions about how long the post office will hold onto our precious deliveries before returning them to sender.

The duration for which a post office will hold a package varies depending on several factors, including the shipping service used, the policies of the specific post office, and the nature of the package. However, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind.

Firstly, most post offices will hold packages for a certain period of time before they are returned to the sender. This period typically ranges from 7 to 30 days, but it’s crucial to check with your local post office for their specific policy. Failure to collect a package within this timeframe may result in it being sent back to the sender or, in some cases, being disposed of by the postal service.

Secondly, the type of shipping service chosen can also affect how long a package is held at the post office. For example, packages shipped via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express often have longer holding periods compared to standard or economy shipping options. Additionally, packages requiring a signature upon delivery may be held for a shorter period to ensure prompt retrieval.

Furthermore, the nature of the package can influence how long it is held by the post office. For instance, perishable items or those requiring special handling may have shorter holding periods to prevent spoilage or damage. Conversely, packages marked as “hold for pickup” may be held for an extended period to accommodate the recipient’s schedule.

In conclusion, while there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long the post office will hold a package, it’s essential to be aware of the factors that can impact this timeframe. Checking with your local post office for their specific policies and tracking your package’s delivery status can help ensure timely retrieval. Remember, failing to collect your package within the designated timeframe could result in disappointment and inconvenience. So, stay informed and proactive to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

When do ParcelForce Deliver?

When Does Parcelforce Deliver? A Guide to Parcel Delivery Times

Parcelforce Worldwide is one of the leading courier and logistics services in the United Kingdom, offering reliable parcel delivery solutions for businesses and individuals alike. If you’re expecting a package or need to send one, it’s essential to know when Parcelforce delivers to ensure timely receipt or dispatch of your shipment. While delivery times may vary depending on several factors such as the service level chosen, location, and any unforeseen circumstances, there are general guidelines to help you plan your shipments effectively.

Delivery Times:

  1. Standard Delivery: Parcelforce typically operates standard delivery services from Monday to Friday. Deliveries are usually made between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, although specific time slots cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Next Day Delivery: For urgent shipments, Parcelforce offers next day delivery services. This option ensures that your parcel will be delivered on the next working day following collection. Deliveries are made during standard working hours.
  3. Saturday Delivery: Parcelforce also offers Saturday delivery services for select service levels. If you opt for Saturday delivery, your parcel will be delivered on the following Saturday after collection.
  4. Express Services: Parcelforce offers express delivery services for both domestic and international shipments. These services provide faster delivery times compared to standard options, with parcels often delivered within 1-2 business days for domestic shipments and slightly longer for international deliveries.

Factors Affecting Delivery Times:

  1. Service Level: The chosen service level significantly impacts delivery times. Express and next day delivery options offer quicker delivery compared to standard services.
  2. Location: Delivery times may vary based on the destination’s proximity to Parcelforce depots and hubs. Remote or rural areas may experience slightly longer delivery times compared to urban centers.
  3. Weather and Traffic Conditions: Adverse weather conditions or heavy traffic can sometimes cause delays in parcel deliveries. Parcelforce strives to minimize disruptions, but external factors beyond their control may impact delivery schedules.
  4. Peak Seasons and Holidays: During peak seasons such as Christmas or Black Friday, parcel volumes tend to surge, potentially leading to delays in delivery times. Planning ahead and opting for expedited services can help mitigate delays during these periods.


Understanding Parcelforce’s delivery times is crucial for ensuring the timely receipt or dispatch of your parcels. By choosing the appropriate service level and considering factors such as location and external conditions, you can effectively manage your shipments and meet your delivery requirements. Whether it’s a standard delivery, next day service, or express shipment, Parcelforce strives to provide reliable and efficient parcel delivery solutions to cater to your needs.

What do i do if my InPost locker is full?

What to Do When Your InPost Locker is Full

InPost lockers are a convenient way to send, receive, and return parcels. However, like any service, they can sometimes reach maximum capacity, leaving users puzzled about what steps to take next. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what you can do to resolve it.

1. Contact Customer Support: The first step is to reach out to InPost customer support. They can provide guidance on how to proceed and may offer solutions such as transferring your package to another nearby locker with available space. They can also advise on any alternative options available to you.

2. Wait for Locker Space: In some cases, patience is key. InPost lockers are constantly in use, and space may become available as others retrieve their parcels. Check back periodically to see if there’s room for your package.

3. Opt for Home Delivery: If your schedule allows, consider opting for home delivery instead. InPost may offer this service for an additional fee, allowing you to receive your package without the need for a locker.

4. Choose an Alternative Pickup Location: Explore alternative pickup locations offered by the courier or retailer. They may have partnerships with other service providers or local businesses where you can collect your parcel.

5. Request Parcel Redelivery: If your parcel is being held at an InPost locker due to a failed delivery attempt, you can request redelivery. This option allows the courier to attempt delivery to your address again.

Conclusion: Encountering a full InPost locker can be frustrating, but there are several proactive steps you can take to resolve the issue. Whether it’s reaching out to customer support, waiting for locker space, opting for home delivery, choosing an alternative pickup location, or requesting parcel redelivery, there are solutions available to ensure you receive your package in a timely manner. By staying informed and exploring your options, you can navigate this temporary inconvenience with ease.