How long does post office hold package?

How Long Does the Post Office Hold Your Package?

In the age of online shopping, the convenience of having packages delivered directly to your doorstep has become a norm for many. However, what happens if you’re not available to receive your package when it arrives? How long does the post office hold onto it for you? Let’s delve into this question to ensure you never miss a delivery again.

Understanding Package Hold Policies:

Post offices typically have specific guidelines regarding how long they will hold onto packages for recipients. These policies can vary depending on the carrier and the specific circumstances surrounding the delivery attempt. However, a common practice among postal services is to hold packages for a certain number of days before returning them to the sender or taking other appropriate action.

Factors Influencing Hold Periods:

Several factors can influence how long a post office will hold onto a package. These include:

  1. Delivery Service Level: Different delivery services may have varying hold periods. For example, express services may have shorter hold times compared to standard delivery options.
  2. Type of Package: The nature of the package can also impact the hold period. Some items, such as perishable goods or high-value items, may have shorter hold times for security or practical reasons.
  3. Recipient Preferences: In some cases, recipients may have the option to request extended hold periods or arrange for alternative delivery options, such as holding the package at a nearby post office for an extended period.
  4. Delivery Attempts: If delivery attempts are unsuccessful, the post office may hold onto the package for a shorter period before taking further action.

Typical Hold Periods:

While hold periods can vary, it’s common for post offices to hold packages for around 7 to 14 days before returning them to the sender or taking other action. This timeframe allows recipients a reasonable opportunity to collect their packages while ensuring that the post office can manage its storage capacity efficiently.

Avoiding Missed Deliveries:

To avoid missing a delivery and ensure that your package is held for you by the post office, consider the following tips:

  1. Provide Accurate Delivery Information: Double-check that the delivery address and contact information provided to the sender are accurate and up to date.
  2. Monitor Tracking Information: Keep an eye on the tracking information provided for your package so you can anticipate its arrival and make arrangements if necessary.
  3. Consider Alternative Delivery Options: If you know you won’t be available to receive a package, consider arranging for alternative delivery options, such as having the package held at a nearby post office for pickup.
  4. Communicate with the Post Office: If you’re unable to collect your package within the standard hold period, communicate with the post office to see if they can accommodate an extended hold or alternative arrangement.


In conclusion, post offices typically hold packages for around 7 to 14 days before taking further action. By understanding these hold policies and taking proactive steps to monitor deliveries and communicate with the post office, you can ensure that your packages are safely held for you until you’re ready to collect them. So next time you’re expecting a delivery, rest assured that your package will be waiting for you at the post office, ready to be claimed.