How to send dhl package?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Packages with DHL

In today’s globalized world, shipping packages quickly and efficiently is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Among the plethora of shipping options available, DHL stands out as a reliable and trusted service provider with an extensive global network. Whether you’re sending a parcel across town or to the other side of the world, DHL offers a seamless shipping experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to send a package using DHL:

Step 1: Prepare Your Package

Before you can send your package with DHL, ensure it is securely packed and appropriately labeled. Use a sturdy box or envelope that can withstand the rigors of transportation. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or padding to prevent damage during transit. Clearly label the package with the recipient’s address and contact information, as well as your own return address.

Step 2: Choose Your Shipping Service

DHL offers a variety of shipping services tailored to different needs, including express delivery, standard shipping, and international shipping. Consider factors such as speed, cost, and destination when selecting the appropriate service for your package. DHL’s website or customer service representatives can help you choose the best option based on your requirements.

Step 3: Calculate Shipping Costs

Before sending your package, calculate the shipping costs using DHL’s online shipping calculator or consult with a DHL representative. Factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and chosen service will influence the shipping costs. Ensure you have the necessary funds to cover the shipping expenses before proceeding.

Step 4: Schedule a Pickup or Drop Off

Once you’ve prepared your package and chosen the shipping service, you can schedule a pickup or drop off your package at a DHL location. DHL offers convenient options for both pickup and drop-off, allowing you to choose the method that best fits your schedule. If opting for a pickup, provide DHL with the pickup location and preferred time window for collection.

Step 5: Complete Shipping Documentation

Depending on the destination and contents of your package, you may need to complete additional shipping documentation, such as customs forms for international shipments. Provide accurate and detailed information to expedite the shipping process and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. DHL’s website offers guidance on required documentation for different types of shipments.

Step 6: Track Your Shipment

Once your package is in transit, you can track its progress using DHL’s online tracking system. Simply enter the tracking number provided at the time of shipment to monitor the status of your package in real-time. DHL provides regular updates on the whereabouts of your shipment, giving you peace of mind throughout the delivery process.


Sending packages with DHL is a straightforward process that offers reliability, convenience, and peace of mind. By following these steps, you can ensure your package reaches its destination safely and on time. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, DHL’s extensive network and range of services make it the ideal choice for all your shipping needs. So next time you need to send a package, trust DHL to deliver with excellence.