When do inpost lockers get emptied?

When Do InPost Lockers Get Emptied?

InPost lockers have revolutionized the way people send and receive packages. These automated parcel lockers, strategically located in various convenient locations such as shopping centers, gas stations, and residential areas, offer a contactless, 24/7 solution for parcel delivery and collection. One of the common questions users have is about the frequency and timing of when these lockers get emptied. Understanding this schedule can help users plan their pickups and drop-offs more efficiently.

Understanding InPost Lockers

InPost lockers are a part of a global network designed to simplify the logistics of parcel delivery. Users can send, receive, and return parcels without the need for direct human interaction. Each locker contains multiple compartments of various sizes to accommodate different parcel dimensions. Couriers from various delivery services access these lockers to deposit or collect parcels based on predetermined schedules.

How Often Are Lockers Emptied?

The frequency at which InPost lockers are emptied depends on several factors:

  1. Location Demand: High-traffic areas, such as urban centers and shopping malls, tend to have lockers emptied more frequently. These locations may see multiple collections and refills daily to keep up with the volume of parcels.
  2. Courier Schedules: Different courier services may have their own schedules for accessing the lockers. Major courier companies typically coordinate with InPost to establish a routine that aligns with their delivery and collection routes.
  3. Time of Day: Collections usually occur during business hours when couriers are active. However, in high-demand areas, lockers may be emptied and refilled outside of traditional hours to ensure they remain available for new deliveries.

Specific Emptying Times

While specific times can vary, here are some general patterns:

  • Morning Collections: Many lockers are emptied in the early morning to prepare for the day’s deliveries. This ensures that parcels collected the previous evening or overnight are moved to the next stage of their journey.
  • Midday and Afternoon: In high-traffic locations, additional collections may occur around midday or in the early afternoon. This helps manage the volume of parcels and prevents lockers from becoming too full.
  • Evening and Night: Some lockers may also be serviced in the evening, especially in locations with extended business hours or 24/7 accessibility. This allows for the collection of parcels deposited during the day and makes space for overnight deliveries.

Planning Your Usage

To make the most out of InPost lockers, users can follow a few tips:

  • Check Availability: Before heading to a locker, use the InPost app or website to check the availability of compartments. This can help avoid trips when lockers are full.
  • Timing Drop-Offs: If sending a parcel, consider dropping it off early in the day. This increases the likelihood that it will be collected the same day, speeding up delivery times.
  • Prompt Pickup: Once you receive a notification that your parcel has arrived, try to pick it up as soon as possible. This not only ensures your item is safe but also frees up space for others.


InPost lockers provide a convenient and efficient way to handle parcels, but understanding the collection schedule is key to maximizing their benefits. While exact emptying times can vary based on location and demand, lockers in busy areas tend to be emptied multiple times a day. By timing your use of these lockers appropriately and staying informed through the InPost app or website, you can ensure a smooth experience whether you’re sending or receiving packages. This system’s flexibility and accessibility make it an excellent choice for modern parcel logistics.